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The more we try to pull at the strings that tie together the backstory of Quantum Leap, the more things unravel. The fact is, it was never an anthology show. The continuing history of the main characters never transcended or became more important than the "monster of the week" or in this case "leap of the week".

With modern TV, the continuing anthology story is the "A" story while the action in the episode is the "B" story. In the 1980's and 90's, it was the other way around where we got just a taste of what was going on behind the scenes but it never took precedence over the guest stars of each self-contained episode. Remember, to be sold into syndication, 80's and 90's shows were required to be non-linear, with each episode pressing the "reset button" at the end so that episodes could be aired out-of-order. This restriction was eventually lifted, but this is why the characters on Star Trek TNG didn't really grow or change, while they did in later series. Now just about every show has a big chunky ongoing story or drama while the weekly action is just something for the characters to chew through while they're progressing bigger multi-episode plots.

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