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Default Goooooooooooooooood morning America !!!

Hello everybody ! I'm Grognette, I'm french ! sorry, nobody's perfect !! lol I live in France so, in south of Cote d'Azur, near Marseille, I live in Toulon, Marine's corp city !!! I'm not marine ! I'm a girl !! lol I'm a designer for Home ! I work for Poggenpohl Germain Kitchens ! It's Hight tech ! I love Quantum leap TV show !! I live the adventures in 1984 went I could see the show on TV here in France ! the end was in 1989 and nothing after that !! I searching infos and news about protaginists (Scott Bakula and my sweet tender Dean Stockwell !) and about the show, the career of Scott and Dean !I dont know if I could come to the convention in 2009 ! I would ! It's so hearly for me because my job !! but I would like really ! I'll try to go by exchange of home (for lodging) and by my plane-ticket for convention ! just for one week ! I dont understand what's happened exactly during the convention, I see the info with the artists witch will come to the convention ! Scott and Dean and others a lot ! but ... What's happened ?? Do Scott sing ? play with Dean or others talk show for public ? Is it a "reality" show ??? I never came on convention ! My best friend Liisa who live in Canada explain me the Star treck conventions are fun and she can meet the protaginists of the TV show and buy souvenirs, autograph etc... What's the best for this one in 2009 ???excuse me for my english !! thank's for the answers !Kiss and Bye !!
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