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OK, here's the thing. I have never thought a QL movie would come about, just because studios are mindnumbingly oblivious, and wouldn't know a good idea if it jumped up and started singing "Good ideas are here again" in a very loud voice.

With that in mind, I'd like to point out that I also "knew" with every fibre of my being that a Transformers LiveAction Film would never be made (you may begin to see where I'm going with this).

The Transformers Live Action film is due to premiere on 4/7/07. Some 23 year after the original TF movie. I'm not saying it will be good (it's almost certainly going to be heartbreakingly disappointing), but it gives hope for those of us desperately invested in seeing our movie dreams come true.

A QL film will evetually be made (with massive, massive changes designed, no doubt deliberately, to completely alienate anyone old enough to have seen QL in the first place) and it will be so bad it will break all our hearts. But it WILL EVENTUALLY happen.

Also, not quite sure how a QL film would function, in episodic TV you get to care about the characters in a way you usually don't in films (Princess Bride excluded of course). Why should a non QL audience care about somebody being in somebody elses body? - Just throwing that out there....
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