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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
Thinking about this episode really, did Sam have any missions during the mini-leaps? I know they wrote it so that he changed history each time (e.g. not killing the guy who insulted him in the Japanese bar) but did each of those mini-leaps actually have a mission? Or was he there simply to try to gain information to solve the conspiracy?
I guess we can assume there were missions during the mini-leaps. But there is a lot in this episode that doesn't make sense. They kind of threw out the rules so they could show how bad LHO was at all times of his life.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
As an example, what purpose did the original leap where Maria took the photo have? Or the leap where he is handing out the propaganda about Cuba? Or where he had to carry out the attempted suicide as Oswald had done in the original history?
I've only watched this episode all the way through once because I really don't like it, even while respecting the effort and the acting. Someone above suggested that this episode read like propaganda and I agree, it felt like that. Wasn't this supposed to be DPB's response to Oliver Stone's JFK?

QL was very good about keeping controversial issues focused on individual situations with some grey areas. Even when it dealt with hot topics like the death penalty, it didn't become an argument for or against it, it was about other more complex issues surrounding it and the specific situations of the people involved. This episode is the first one where it steps beyond that.
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