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Okay, so it's been a while since I don't write a review for the very next episode and since I've seen them all so many times my goal is to review them all, so I'll just keep going...

"Private Dancer" is yet another mixer of feelings, in my opinion...

Things I disliked: Too much disco music (Paul seems to really love it) and too many dancing sequences (to consume time, in my opinion). The "romance" aspect of the story: I don't know why Paul Brown almost always tried to romanticise Sam to a certain point (the certain point being Sam kissing and "touching the girls", to keep it clean, and then leaving them with the feeling that they just were best friends). That never gave me a good impression of Sam. In fact I always thought it was kind of an unnecessary character flaw and, in the case of Paul Brawn, a device to move the story forward. Another thing, all the Rod-The-Bod/Chippendale background. It kind of wants to throw a morality point about those sort of places being toxic and probably not holding a good atmosphere for anyone, but does not quite succeed in that. It even sort of accepts it as something normal and what's worse it glamourizes it (Sam dancing with Debbie Allen at the beginning and later on making excuses to himself and to the deaf girl about his work, etc.). Paul handles the danger and the horrible aspects of such places with just a little scratch at their reality. And last but not least, the characters: Again, very one-sided, very black-this/white-that. The guy who ran the place was nothing but a pimp. The bad, careless guy who just wants to take some girl to his room. The rough and dumb, yet funny, harmless and not bad-intentioned bartender with a moustache. The secretary/administrator of the place who becomes a bit of a bad person because she has a hidden past on the same steps she wanted the deaf girl to follow. The black dance instructor with a gym/aerobics vibe to it. And finally the deaf girl with an attitude. She was angry with the world not because she was poor but only because she was deaf and everyone else wanted to hurt her/take advantage of her and that was the only side of life she saw and kept rejoicing on her own misery, always being the "victim".

Things I liked: The very core of the topic. The message on always trying to at least go one step further to overcome the fears on what you want to do. If you succeed or not you will never know unless you do try it. That judging in advance will never help anybody, least of all you. That, if you really want it, the opportunity to make your mark in the world will always be there. Another thing: The uplifting aspect of the episode. It was not there all the time, but whenever it appeared, like for example on that scene where he follows her and then they buy a hot dog and there is a shot of the whole city, or when she just lies down inside her Van and sees the stars, those little moments evoked a great feeling, like when you take a deep breath (by the way, the character of the guy who sold the hot dogs made me smile, I liked him a lot for some weird reason). Another one: The fact that Sam learns to speak the language of deaf people. And the last thing: Yeah, I mentioned before that I disliked many of the dancing/musical sequences, but I must admit that the last sequence, with the deaf girl dancing, was quite good. Very uplifting as well, for some reason, and then the leap-out.

For these very reasons, I give this episode...

My rating: Average. Not the worst one by P. Brawn. Not by a long shot.
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