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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
It's true that the subject is only scratched at the surface here. If you've ever watched the ABCFamily show 'Switched At Birth' or Ion's 'Cold Case' (specifically an episode which investigates the murder of a deaf teenage boy who had a hearing girlfriend and wanted to get a cochlear implant) you'd get a much deeper and darker perspective of the world of the deaf vs. hearing.
I've never seen 'Switched at Birth' yet. I know very little about the show and didn't realize it dealt with the world of the deaf vs. hearing. 'Cold Case' is a really good show with some very interesting stories.

I was referring more to Donofrio's comment about the fact that this episode seemed to be trying to make a point about other issues, like Chippendale's type clubs, the type of people that were in the club, etc., that they just scratched the surface with regard to that -- and maybe they weren't trying to make a point about those things particularly. It's a lot to try to cover in a 45-minute or so episode. The whole Rod-the-Bod/Chippendale's thing just seemed to me like something they used for an easy laugh being such a drastic contrast to Sam's shyness and prince-of-prudishness.
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