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Apologies but as amazingly this episode was done and how beautiful the performance by Scott was it didn't belong in the Quantum Leap world. It broke all the rules and was seemingly mostly pointless. Pratt herself had gritted his teeth when NBC had requested these such gimmick leaps.

"Well the network wanted the famous people and I have to admit I did not like the idea of it because it made it un-Quantum Leap to me. Quantum Leap was simple stories about simple people. Lee Harvey Oswald, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis and Dr. Ruth and I kind of went 'Grrr' because it's not like that."
- Deborah Pratt, Another Time, Another Place

(Though the Marilyn Monroe leap could have been worse, apparently it was supposed to have been Madonna but because she was and still is currently living her permission was required which she denied. Seriously? At least Marilyn Monroe makes some sense!)

Bellisario as well was unhappy with a lot of season five which had violated the premise of the show.
In all honestly this episode seems more to me like a combination of Dr. Who and Men In Black (and I happen to know very little about Dr. Who, I have watched but two episodes).

The reason for the multiple leaps into Oswald's life in connection to sparing the life of Jackie Kennedy was never clarified. It appears as though the interest was simply to portray a version of a story that in fact is still a major controversy today. Which is a secondary reason why this episode shouldn't have been made. As stated above it does seem to pressure one of a few versions of the events. It's not even a solid fact that Oswald was guilty let alone whether or not he acted alone. It appears no facts of this tragedy are solid and most likely they never will be.
I am not well researched on this subject, I could easily be incorrect in my statements and I will always acknowledge that. It is a peeve of mine to witness people speaking of something that isn't solid as though it's personal.

This for example (Apologies I mean no offense):
Originally Posted by spudgun
Also, I'd say the vast majority of people know LHO didn't assassinate Kennedy, and I didn't like how they were trying to convince people that he did. It was a bit like those 9/11 propaganda movies. Bad move.
Do we really know this to be fact Spudgun?

Some of the project logic in this episode kind of bugged me in addition, namely the attempt to leap Sam's neurons and masons to him through the accelorator to battle Oswald's heavy mind melt (and thanks again to Lightning McQueenie who had some time ago reminded me of this). Sloppy in my opinion, I see no sense in it.
Admittedly though things I did enjoy were Oswald spitting out psychics facts and the fact that he is portrayed by the same young man who was always breaking his glasses and speaking in Hollywood detective tongue in season one. None other than Seymour, Willie Garson. XD

Interestingly what drew me to this thread was my finding of this article on Yahoo an hour or so ago regarding the house of Ruth Payne where Oswald and his wife had been taken into the night before the assassination. It's apparently about to be opened as a museum.
It is supposed to contain holographic images of Oswald and other involved parties portraying significant events by actors. The attraction seems unnecessary and somewhat a glorifying of a tragedy but it came to mind how honestly awesome it would be if they used the scenes from the Quantum Leap portrayal if creditable.

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