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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
In which particular scene?
MichelleD and I had gotten slightly off topic discussing the scene in Goodbye Norma Jean where Al had set Sam up to see her skinny dipping in her pool claiming it an emergency. The only scene in both our opinions worth watching in that episode. Sam's embarrassed reaction was just priceless.

On one more note pertaining to this episode a couple things that bug me about it is how they duplicate the whole 'OD walk' from One Strobe Over the Line and how Sam breaks her heart denying her the promise of always being there for her when there was no reason he couldn't have made the promise on behalf of the leapee. He had gotten his own mind too into the situation since he was star stuck by her.

Originally Posted by ladystoneheart
I watched both episodes the other and I liked them.They were darker than the other episodes I have seen so far.Still I liked QL when it was about the ordinary people.For example,for this episode Sam should have leapt into that bodyguard from the beginning.IMHO,that would be more exciting to watch.Like how Stephen King did in his book.

Scott Bakula's performance was pretty good.It is hard to believe that he couldn't win Emmy for his Sam Beckett :/
That certainly would have made a lot more sense in connection with the saving of Jackie Kennedy. If they had to do this angle I would have liked to see JFK portrayed and perhaps even meeting Cheryl from Camakazi Kid.

Agreed how Scott never won an emmy for any of his amazing performances in this show, this but even more so Shock Theater or even maybe Dreams just baffles the hell out of me.

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