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Originally Posted by jmoniz
Tom could have been with him when the heart attack happened. Maybe he could have gotten his father to medical help in time to save him. Again, though, it's something that's never concretely answered and is left open to interpretation.
Yeah I was also thinking with my BFF that Tom being saved also benifited Katie's fate because now she had Tom to show Chuck who's boss so she did not have to suffer as much or at all becuase he could have talked her out of running away with him. They have concepts in TV all the time where someone in the family has a feeling that there is something wrong with the byfriend and girlfriend and are usually right. Tom could have been uncomfortable with Chuck and talked Katie out of seeing him anymore and told Chuck to keep his damn paws off his sister. In one of the books it even states that Tom was pretty much Katie's favorite brother because he was the one to always come to her side when she was upset or hurt and hug her and make her feel better. I know its not canon but it makes sense since Sam was always busy with his own business. So that was a thought that occured to us. And I hope you are right about John Julia that would be good.

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