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Originally Posted by bluedana
In my opinion, GTFW is in control of Sam's leaps, but Sam is in control of Sam. The rules transcend anything Sam intended as a project. They're ethical rules and it would be very hard not to get kind of drunk with the power of changing history unless you had some bedrock principle to pull you back. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Very good points Dana but I really don't think Sam would let it go to his head he's Sam, he's a saint. MIA is an example of this. Becuase as he says later in Mirror Image he could have tried to get Beth to wait for Al but he was to caught up in going by the rules and not being selfish.
"What if there's something more important?"
Originally Posted by leaper1
I don't get the observation theory either, but because of the Accelerator Chamber.
Yeah that's what I said that the accelorator is why the observation thing makes no sense. Although he could leap back and just be a part of whats around him but not be seen or something, I just don't get the way one of the novels wrote it where the original observing purpose was meant to be held in the imaging chamber.

Another thing that makes the observation thing senseless is Dr. Beaks' presence at the project. Her job is to deal with the waiting room visitors but if they did not expect Sam to be switching places with people and having frightening people to deal with than what is she for?

Originally Posted by bluedana
The problem, though, is that he won't know when altering his or Al's own history is okay, and when it's not, until he sees the result. Better to refrain from making that kind of decision and let GTFW present the opportunity
The Part that I bolded is what I meant by that, cuz I know he has no way f knowing when God thinks its ok otherwise.

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