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Yes thats true...EDIT: Wait not necessarily. They are Sam's rules not the committee's. And as suggested in Honeymoon Express the committee only wants the project to produce proof that he is leaping, there is no indication that they care about him following a set of rules. I know they had the whole issue with the rules in Star-Crossed, but it seems that they(the writers) dropped that concept when Honeymoon Express came out. Because also in Star-Crossed the committee actually came into the imaging chamber to moniter Al and thus they were obviously convinced that Sam was leaping, but then in Honeymoon Express the conflict with the committee is entirely different. So I don't think the Star-Crossed concept exsists anymore. And in the new concept in Honeymoon Express, the committee seems to only care about being convinced that Sam is leaping. Plus you have to remember in season one they were only fiddling with concepts nothing was really accurate until season two.


I would also like to connect this back to what Dana was saying; I guess its true that following the projects rules has an importance to keep Al in contact with him as portrayed in Leap for Lisa(Although there Sam really did not do anything wrong as far as trying to do something he is not supposed to, he just was not smart and tried to act before speaking to Al and consulting Ziggy first) Sam also is a saint and wants to help the people he is supposed to help as well. He even admits to himself after he speaks to his father in Genesis that this Quantum Leaping thing is a pretty good deal becuase it sounded nice to give people second chances. And again referring to MIA he did not decline Al a second chance with Beth only because it was against the rules but was also concerned about having something more important to do as Jake. So yes he Has to follow the rules for certian purposes but he also likes to follow the rules.

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