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Originally Posted by bluedana
The way Sam is written as a character, it's clear that he tries to do the right thing almost every time; sometimes he does the right thing because of the rules; and sometime he doesn't do the right thing at all.
Thats debatable. Sometimes he feels that the right thing to do is what his heart is telling him as opposed to what Ziggy is telling him. But eaither way he always does the right thing, he even says to in The Leap Home which is why I think he's a saint.

Originally Posted by bluedana
The reason why the Waiting Room make me go "huh?" is that nobody seems fazed that there's a person there. Al tells Sam in Genesis that they partied for days because the leap was successful. At no point ever in the series does Al say, Boy were we surprised to find you'd switched places with Tom. Or something like that. And yes I get the "they hadn't worked out all the kinks in that first episode" theory; that's a pretty big kink, though. The observation theory makes it seem like Sam was going to be a hologram, like Al (the Observer), watching but unable to interact. The show implies that Sam actually "leaping" is the way they expected it to work, except that, as you pointed out above, Sam was supposed to return to the project at will.
Yeah that's very confusing. What was the original intention of the project?

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