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Re the committee--I'm under the impression that there are two different committees, one that's mentioned in Star-Crossed and the other in Honeymoon Express. The first one, which includes Weitzman, is some kind of oversight committee, which should include people who understand how the project works and have been following it from the beginning. The committee Al speaks to in Honeymoon Express is a congressional budget committee, which has the power of life and death over the project even though none of them understand it or even believe in it. ('Cause that's how government works, right? ) I could be all wrong, but that's my interpretation.

Originally Posted by SamBeckettFan
[The rules] shouldn't apply if God is the one in control of Sam. So if God thinks that its ok for Sam to alter his own or Al's history than he should be able to.
The hard part is knowing what God wants Sam to do. God may leap Sam into a particular life, but he doesn't say what Sam is supposed to do there. Sam and Al have to figure that out. Sam has to go by Ziggy's data or his own famous gut feelings. In MIA he had one of those feelings that he wasn't supposed to help Al--and there was another task on that leap, so it seemed right to Sam that the other thing was what he really had to do. In The Leap Home, Sam tried to benefit himself and it didn't work. In The Leap Home: Vietnam, he got what he wanted but paid a terrible price for it. So it's not clear that God is always willing to let Sam act to benefit himself or someone that he knows. Sam might be better off just following the rules.

Re the project's original purpose, I thought that Sam was expected to leap into the past, exchange auras and all that, but only observe history, not change it. There would be a visitor in the Waiting Room, but Sam would have a functioning retrieval program so he could come home at any time. I think their first priority would be to prove that time travel is possible, then do research into how leaping works and historical research. It's hard to see why the military would be interested in such a project though. Their biggest achievement would probably be general advances in physics and the understanding of the nature of time.

I realize I'm making up a lot of details that aren't supported by Genesis, but it seems to me that the project was mostly working the way it was supposed to, and it was only when Al discovered that Sam was swiss-cheesed and the retrieval program didn't work that they realized that they had a problem. Remember how excited Al was when he first observed Sam? "Ain't this a kick in the butt!" Looks like he thought things were all right.

So if someone wrote a novel saying that Sam was only going to observe holographically, that seems rather out in left field to me and I would disregard it.
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