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Default Family Guy Quantum Leap crossover

OK I laughed my arse off when I saw this.

I was watching my Family Guy Series 3 DVD for the first time and on the episode called "The Kiss Seen Around The World" Meg thought she was going to die with Neil (a really nerdy ugly teenage guy) so she kissed him because she wanted to witness what a kiss was like before she died.

Anyway they both survived and Neil started bragging about what happened, and Meg says "Neil I HATE YOU!!!! I only kissed you because I thought I was going to die!"

Meg leaves, and then on the left of screen we see the Imaging Chamber Door open and Al comes out. Neil says "I got her to kiss me, Why haven't I leaped?" and Al says "Ziggy says you need to make her love you back." Turns out that Sam had leaped into Neil to get him and Meg together.

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