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Originally Posted by britishbecca

I'm new here and pretty much the only reason I registered was because I want to ask questions about Quantum Leap.

I used to love the show back in the day. Recently my mom brought me the second season on DVD (not the first, for some reason best known to her) to remind me. It was GREAT to watch it again and remember what a fun show it was (and what BRILLIANT music, by the way, I don't remember that).

But... watching again as a grown up (allegedly) I saw some questions that I never noticed before.

Firstly... Did Sam ever leap to anywhere outside the US? And, if he didn't, why didn't he? I mean, I suppose the reasons are obvious... it's an American show made by Americans... But what I mean is, was there a story reason why the leaps only went as far as the US?

Secondly... Am I seeing things or does Sam have a grey streak in his hair?

I had a bunch of questions when I was watching the DVD but I have forgotten them all in a haze of fond memories...

Thirdly... Has Scott Bakula not AGED? Is he Peter Pan?
The reason why he never leaped outside of the US (though i'm not sure about this, like yourself i've only got the DVD and my teenage memory to remind me, so he might have leaped elsewhere for all i know) is because he (almost) always leaps inside his own lifetime (not only in time but also in place).

The grey streak is from the actor on not of the character.
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