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"Come on now Jerry, Don't dawdle you have all ready kept your grandpa waiting long enough" Veronica said.
"I'll be right in Ma" Sam said. " I just have to use the bathroom real quick."
"Well be quick with it then." Veronica stated in her most motherly manner.
Sam looked at Al and motioned for him to follow him with his head.
"Oh come on Sam, you know I hate going to the head all the time." Sam shot a glance at Al with a fire in his eyes and Al decided he should just go along with it. Up in the Bathroom Sam said "Al go talk to Jerry in the waiting room and find out what he was doing with a hefty bit of money in his wallet along with the deed to the farm, Also have Ziggy run a check on anyone who wants to buy the farm or sell it for that matter."
"All right Sam. Are you going to be all right, you know with the anger issues and all." Al asked obviously concerned.
"Yeah I think I will be all right. I mean it is just dinner with the family. What could go wrong?" Sam said with a genuine smile. His first one since this leap began. He had snapped at Al so many times during this leap and he was still concerned about his friend's well being. 'Someday I am going to make it up to him. All these years and leaps and he is still by my side. Someday Al, I promise.' Sam thought to himself as he headed down to the dining room with the sound of the imaging chamber door whooshing shut behind him.

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