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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Those aspects bothered me as well. The fact that it's implied that Sam chose never to return home (and personally I don't wish to buy that he never did) is not totally believable. Though he doesn't remember Donna, Sammy Jo or Tom and of course feels drawn to those in pain I have a hard time believing that he would forever give up his identity and the family he does remember back home, his mother and Katie. That he would allow his staff to have given five years of their lives to his project in somewhat vein.
In fact Knights of the Morningstar suggests to Sam that wanting to return home is contrary to Sam's belief unselfish and that he needed to believe that to be able to.
That's actually one of my favorite things in Knights of the Morningstar and I really like that Rawn brought out this point. I would argue that not only is Sam's desire to return home unselfish, but there's an aspect to his choosing to keep leaping that is actually extremely selfish, even while it's also selfless at the same time. In the Sam Beckett character thread wakkanne made the excellent point that Sam got so involved with school and his work that he didn't go home when the family lost the farm, or when his father died, or when Katie was in an abusive marriage. Those were times when his family needed him and he wasn't there. And here he is, how many years later, leaping and even talking to Al about how much he regrets not being there those times, and still making the same mistake now of not being there in the present for his family and friends.
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