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Originally Posted by blue enigma View Post
Is this maybe a syndi-cut thing? It might be on the DVD but not in the version they aired on G4. Or maybe you're thinking of 'Promised Land'? There's definitely a part in that episode where Sam in not so many words says or implies at least that he wasn't there when his father died.
Hmm. I don't recall Promised Land much except his finding out that Tom returned from Vietnam and a favorite part of my best friend and myself Sam and Al's 'almost high five'. We still have not gotten this episode in our rewatch marathon however. That could be it however since it was in this episode that he gets to hug his father as it takes place quite soon before his death.

But now that you speak of cuts I have to wonder if there is a cut mention in my bootlegged Future Boy. Though not sure if I ever watched seasons 1-3 of my bootlegs since those I had the officials of. Yet somehow I had watched M.I.A since I remember some cut moments in it so it's possible.

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