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21 years to finish a fanfiction!? That makes me sound less like an undedicated person for never finishing a fic I begin. Even if it takes me a while I do plan on finishing Go Figure. in which Sam leaps into the 1976 Olympics. The climax is decided but deals with a concept that I haven't been able to grasp so I will be needing some advice once I get far enough however it would require me to spoil it so the person will be chosen delicately.

As for the curse in 'The Episodes Thrice' (Love that reference), one part of the whole thing that I found not to be believable. That comment you reference certainly makes no sense even coming from Al. Though he does reject the scientific explanation at times however such as in Ghost Ship. Recall how Al had lost connection with Sam and it wasn't reestablished until around the end (at least I believe that was what happened, haven't watched that one yet in our recent marathon). Al acknowledges Ziggy accounting it to an electrical problem but insists it was the Bermuda triangle.
Personally I don't believe that there was a real curse on the Fuller family but it wasn't unusual for Al to have. Connecting it to Sam's DNA however really didn't make any sense.

That recording you did of the 'Tell me all the ways you love me" line, any way I can hear it!? XD

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