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What a shame that you so narrowly missed being able to publish an official QL novel.
Though I have no idea what your writing is like I am quite sure you would have far surpassed Ashley McConnel. If not for her decent leap concepts I would not read her, even so it's a struggle to stand her writing. Her character portrayals can be off, she's inaccurate (the one who does most of the novels that have Sam's soul leaping instead of his body) and at times inconsistent. It's kind of a wonder she was published. Anyway sorry for that mini rant.

Anyway I too like to be well researched in my fanfiction, though in the case of Olympic training it's proven difficult. Hopefully I will be able to pull it together well enough to be believable. This story ("Go Figure") was actually something I began some years ago (unsure when exactly) and only consisted of the opening of the leap but I loath most of my writing from back in my previous Quantum Leap fandom days. I am nearly ten years older and a lot of my perspectives on the show have changed. You can tell by comparing the amended reviews I have recently written in some of the episode threads with the originals. In addition I had quite the crush on Scott back then. So looking back on 'Go Figure' (originally titled 'Thin Ice') the idea intrigued me but what I had written was absolute crapola! It had to be redone. So far I have gotten him to his trademark "oh boy." XP

I know exactly what you mean by having so many ideas at once. It has happened to me quite often. For example my dream the other night has gotten me interested in leaping Sam into the father of a young girl who's being sexually abused by her teacher.

So with the exception of the story you were wishing to submit as a novel, all of your fanfictions are a series? What are they about?
Thinking of Sam as a firefighter makes me think of Scott's film Blue Smoke in which he is a firefigher/arsine investigator. It's one of my favorites I highly recommend it.

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