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How did you get a hold of the script before it was filmed? That's pretty awesome.
Your feelings on the episodes are appreciated and quite obviously very sentimental but sorry to disagree.
That first part in particular had exactly the feel of a Stephan King novel, the story was not believable and the parts of the obsession that weren't bled into him from Will made no sense (though I suppose they are never supposed to). It was even somewhat sick since he was technically her father as a child.

How could they have possibly thought to allow Sam to die!? Holy crap? Where were they going with that? How did he go from dying to leaping into Abigail's nether regions unharmed?

By the way thanks for the clarifications on the two character name spellings. Every time I write about Abigail while I keep the 'gale' spelling in the back of my mind (and kind of find it more attractive personally) it always came from my fingers as 'gail'. Unfortunately I had initially spelled Gooshi with the 'U' but then upon re-reading the novels which use the double 'oo' have recently begun to correct myself.
By the way on the subject of Gooshi, in the novel Song and Dance(which is one of my favorites, Sam is such a sweetie pie) it's revealed that his full name is Irving Gushman (or Gooshman?) and it has me wondering if that is something that has been revealed as cannon? Do you know if Mr. Wolfburg or Bellisario ever mentioned this Samnal?

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