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Originally Posted by Wakkanne
I am not trying to make an argument for mental verses physical Leaping, I'm not trying to prove that Sam is absolutely Leaping mentally in the show. I was simply trying to provide an explanation for why I thought what I thought back when I began writing. I did not see all the episodes that you are referencing at the time.
My apologies, I am just realizing how my posts on the subject seem to be somewhat shoving my viewpoint in your face. That was certainly not my intention nor was it to tell you that you are wrong. I understand what you were trying to explain now and that's totally fine.

Originally Posted by Wakkanne
If he read this discussion he would probably just shake his head and tell us that we're reading too much into it. And to just enjoy it...
Ha, it's true I can dissect something to death and I bet Bellisario would most certainly shake his head at my posts in particular and ask why on earth I care so much in what form Sam is leaping. But here's the thing, how much I think into concepts of a fandom is actually how you can tell how into it I am. It may sound strange but that's just how I roll.

The scientifics of the project were not what was important to him, he even says as much in 'Another Time, Another Place' in regards to Ziggy's gender in The Leap Back contradicting the prior references. That he didn't care but offered that if fans must have an in-story explanation let it be that Sam in his swiss-cheese state forgot that Ziggy is female and Al went along with that to prevent confusion. What he meant to project with the show is a man with a huge caring heart touching people's lives and changing them for them for the better. This is what made the first four seasons of the show so reaching.

Originally Posted by Wakkanne
And I was saying sorry if I tick you off for writing Sam leaping mentally. Right or wrong, like it or not, it's just something I did for all the reasons I explained and I chose to keep it.
Of course not, it's fine with me. I still read and enjoy McConnell even if she is not my favorite of the novel authors.

Originally Posted by Wakkanne
Okay, while trying to not give too much away, my stories involve an in-leap romance. And there is a character brought onto the project to work on a way to bring Sam home. And he eventually does, but Sam did not father him. Sam does become a father figure to him, though. Having not seen Trilogy nor The Leap Back by the end of the series, I wanted to combat the ending where Sam never Leaped home and reward him, to give him a love I felt he deserved. I had already come up with one story in the fall of 1992 (Leap to the Future) and decided to write more based on those same characters.
Sounds very intriguing and I am excited to read it.

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