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Originally Posted by Wakkanne
Quantum Leap is a wonderful character-driven story about a sweet, kindhearted man who travels in time and helps people.
This is great wording, much better than my own.

Originally Posted by Wakkanne
It's funny you should mention Ziggy's "gender". That's another one where I feel it's up to the fanfiction writer to decide whether Ziggy is referred to as "he" or "she". Since Bellisario didn't mind either way, I'm not going to split hairs over it either. In fact, I like to poke fun and make light of all the show's inconsistencies... For example, in my story, Leap to the Future, Sam Leaps into a twelve year old boy named Jonathan. Towards the end of the story, back at the project, Al introduces Jonathan to Ziggy. After some dialogue is exchanged, Jonathan, says, as kids will do, "I have a question... Why do you call Ziggy a he when he sounds like a girl?" Al looks at him and shrugs, "Hm, good point." The story, conceived in the fall of 1992, has a Leap date in April 1992 and is supposed to take place between seasons 4 and 5. So, if you then look at the rest of the series, Ziggy is from then on referred to as a "she". Maybe Al took Jonathan's advice?
The Jonathan story sounds quite interesting. So Sam leaps into the child version of the boy he becomes a father figure to? The "Oh Boy" you allowed me to read for this leap reminded me some of the official novel 'Odyssey' which is one of my favorites.

As for Ziggy's gender, and I pointed this out in Donofrio's thread there are actually two post- The Leap Back references to Ziggy as 'He', at least which I have caught. One is in Revenge of the Evil Leaper and the other I am drawing a blank on.

Originally Posted by Wakkanne
That made me think of something else... Because Bellisario liked to often change his mind like that, it would be just like him to shake things up. If there was ever a new series or a movie, he might decide, "Oh maybe Sam was Leaping mentally after all..." Just saying, I wouldn't put it past him.
Nor would I, to at least begin to heavily imply it as it currently does that Sam is psychically leaping with leaps like Blind Faith, Nowhere to Run and Trilogy. I have to honestly say that the psychical leaping is much more appealing to me than the mental.

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