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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
The Jonathan story sounds quite interesting. So Sam leaps into the child version of the boy he becomes a father figure to? The "Oh Boy" you allowed me to read for this leap reminded me some of the official novel 'Odyssey' which is one of my favorites.
In short, yes. Sam Beckett was Jonathan's hero ever since Sam won the Nobel Prize in physics and hit the cover of TIME magazine. So, imagine Jonathan's surprise and delight once he realizes that he and Sam have switched places in time! Odyssey did remind me a bit of Leap to the Future as well, but I came up with my story in 1992 and that book came out in 1996.

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
As for Ziggy's gender, and I pointed this out in Donofrio's thread there are actually two post- The Leap Back references to Ziggy as 'He', at least which I have caught. One is in Revenge of the Evil Leaper and the other I am drawing a blank on.
Are you saying that you noticed a few times even in season five when they referred to Ziggy as a "he"? I seem to recall that. Because all through season 4--which was all post-The Leap Back--they referred to Ziggy as a "he", up until A Leap For Lisa, where there was that confusion over Ziggy's gender when Al was temporarily replaced by St. John. Heck, even in The Leap Back they called Ziggy "he"! "Why did I have to give HIM Barbara Streisand's ego?" (which the line originally was scripted as Warren Beatty).

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Nor would I, to at least begin to heavily imply it as it currently does that Sam is psychically leaping with leaps like Blind Faith, Nowhere to Run and Trilogy. I have to honestly say that the psychical leaping is much more appealing to me than the mental.
And don't forget 8 1/2 Months, a story which I still swear Deborah Pratt wrote as Sam mentally Leaping but Bellisario finally put his foot down and they just changed some of the dialogue. I can imagine him reading the first rough draft of the script or her story notes and responding with something like, "I let you get away with it in What Price Gloria? but I can't have you making Sam actually pregnant!"

The story could have been told either way and been made to be just as funny, just as I believe that both the mental and physical leaping ideas each have their own merits and can be equally compelling in their own way.
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