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Originally Posted by Wakkanne
Are you saying that you noticed a few times even in season five when they referred to Ziggy as a "he"? I seem to recall that. Because all through season 4--which was all post-The Leap Back--they referred to Ziggy as a "he", up until A Leap For Lisa, where there was that confusion over Ziggy's gender when Al was temporarily replaced by St. John. Heck, even in The Leap Back they called Ziggy "he"! "Why did I have to give HIM Barbara Streisand's ego?" (which the line originally was scripted as Warren Beatty).
I am. In fact the exchange in Revenge seems to contain both references.
"Sam we've got problems. Get this, Ziggy says there's another leaper."
"Well she's just picking up Alia."
"No HE already counted her."

There was another I caught but I've been blanking on it for days. Though it might have been in season 4 and honestly I hadn't noticed that Ziggy remained a 'He' for the entirety of the season though I did notice the line you mentioned from The Leap Back, several times in fact.

Originally Posted by Wakkanne
And don't forget 8 1/2 Months, a story which I still swear Deborah Pratt wrote as Sam mentally Leaping...
That's actually the one episode in which the mental leaping would have made more sense.
There is quite some confusion concerning the context of the line near the end: "The baby has disappeared from Billy Jean's womb". Lightning McQueenie's theory is that this indicates the baby having been with Sam the entire time, that PQL had merely assumed it was in the future with the mother but I can't make sense of that nor it returning to the past before Billy Jean if it had in fact been in the future. The whereabouts of the baby during the leap needed to be better established.

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