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Default The Rules of Quantum Leaping

Ok so something just randomly popped into my mind. You know how when Sam tried to fix his marriage to Donna and Al wanted Sam to fix his marriage with Beth and Sam wanted to save his Brother. But both men were reminded that they could not alter their own history? This is because that is one of Sam's rules.

Now in Honeymoon Express when Al informs Sam that he needs to stop the U-2 incident to prove hes in the past or lose the project Sam says
"I don't need the project in case you have forgotten they aren't leaping me around God is!"

Ok so if they are so sure that God is controlling Sam's leaping and not the project than why do they need to follow the project's rules? They shouldn't apply if God is the one in control of Sam. So if God thinks that its ok for Sam to alter his own or Al's history than he should be able to. Sam only made his rules because he thought he would be in control.

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