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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan
Sam only made his rules because he thought he would be in control.
I don't think that's why Sam created the rules. There are a few rules we know about: 1. the leaper cannot change history for his/her own benefit/for personal gain (mentioned in Star Crossed and MIA); 2. the leaper must behave as the leapee would behave (Mentioned in Runaway and the Wrong Stuff)

The first rule is to prevent exploitation of time travel for opportunistic reasons, and the second is to prevent the leaper from disrupting the life of the leapee by having him/her say "crazy" things (like "I'm not your 11-year-old son, I'm Dr. Sam Beckett, I'm 34 years old and I'm from the future) and acting in clearly inexplicable ways. That rule would also prevent massive disruption to the time line. I think the last (disruption of the time line) is the rule that became moot when G/F/T/W took over, because the purpose became to "put right what once went wrong."

Originally, I believe the project was meant to be for observational purposes. The part of the project that changed (other than Sam and the project's personnel losing control of it) was that the leaper was supposed to intervene for good in the lives of the people he/she comes in contact with, thus intentionally changing history, on a one-on-one basis (little things like Diane McBride's bar exam, not BIG things like preventing Francis Gary Powers U-2 flight, or stopping the Cuban revolution that put Castro in power).

I think the desire to prevent disruption of the leapee's life would apply regardless of who/what is running the project. I think the second rule pretty much went out the window with Star Crossed, although Sam and Al continued to struggle with it (MIA/The Leap Home).
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