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Originally Posted by bluedana

(by the way, I don't get the observation theory either, SBF - if they weren't planning on switching bodies or auras or something, why would they need a Waiting Room?)
I don't get the observation theory either, but because of the Accelerator Chamber. The Waiting Room is not really all that sophisticated and 'purpose built' in nature. It could have had another use when constructed, and been 'commandeered' as a waiting room when Tom Stratton turned up.

Because of the plain blue walls etc. I imagine it as being originally like a sort of 'blue screen' area (back projection etc as used in movie special effects). I pictured it being used to project images from the imaging chamber to allow other staff to witness where and when Sam had leaped to, since only Al could see it first hand. Of course, that would have allowed them to prove Sam's Leaping to the Committee, but since the leapees now use it, they can't do that any more!
I stress, this is just my personal, whacky theory.

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