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I know I''m jumping back into the discussion DAYS after my orignial comment about the "project being for observational purposes," but I think I was misunderstood. I agree that Sam was always supposed to trade places with someone, but I believe that the original concept was to not change anything. Leap, observe, leap back. Otherwise, Al would not find the concept of changing the outcome for Tom Stratton to be as ridiculous as he seems to find it. According to Genesis, the intentional intervention in Cpt. Stratton's life was an attempt to get Sam's recall to work.

It is also a standard time travel "doctrine" that you don't want to be changing things, because you have no way of knowing whether or not any change is, in the long-run historical sense, a "good" change. It makes sense to me that the project would have as an objective to not change history, particularly not on purpose. that's all I meant by observational.
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