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Default Bryan Singer’s Quantum Leap?

Given the’s article titled Singer Signs ABC TV Deal’, which appears below:

Superman Returns director Bryan Singer has signed a deal with ABC to develop three scripts for the network, one of which is guaranteed to go to a pilot, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Singer will develop the projects through his company, Bad Hat Harry Productions, and will executive-produce and direct the pilot.

This is the first formal television deal for Singer, who spearheaded the early development of SCI FI Channel's critically praised original series Battlestar Galactica, executive-produced the channel's miniseries The Triangle and directed and executive-produced the pilot for Fox's medical drama House.

What sets Singer's deal with ABC apart from other high-profile, three-for-one pacts is that it is not tied to a studio. This gives Singer the flexibility to develop with writers at any studio.

So considering Singer’s fondness of sci-fi movies (X-men 1 & 2) and sci-fi mini series (The Triangle),

Combined with his fondness for re-imagining previous sci-fi series (Battlestar Galactica)

And his talent in continuing established sci-fi mythology (Superman Returns)

And the fact Singer can develop a project with ANY writers at ANY studio…

Someone should whisper in his ear “Quantum Leap” or start a petition...

Or at least this site should send him/his agent one of the free copies they’ll get of Season 5 with a note saying,
“Sam Beckett never returned home?

Just a thought.
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