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Originally Posted by CarolD
Thanks for the kind words, Sam Beckett Fan! I appreciate that.

I did do one other QL novel, A Fork in the Road, which is online thanks to my fellow committee member Emma. It and a lot of my other QL fanfic can be found here:

I haven't gotten any feedback from Fork in the Road for quite a while, so if anybody here on the Forum reads it, do let me know what you thought.
OMG! I just read this one last week. I was a little desperate for new fan fic, so I googled and landed on AFITR. That was amazing. I really loved it. The writing and characters were totally on, and I loved the feeling of being off-balance, wondering what the heck was going on.

People, make a cup of tea, click on that link, and settle in for a terrific (long!) read.
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