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A really good episode,It was hard for me to decide wether vote it to be "Excellent" or "Good",but in the end i choosed only good,because as much as good as this episode was - it had it's of the problems i 'll mention is what cookiemom mentioned - that Al or Ziggy didn't know who were the mother's of Ron's 3 sons - it's not just sloppy it annoying,because during the all series you always hear what an advance computer Ziggy is,but most of the time she was "wrong" in her prediction and some serious details - so you gotta choose - Is she's an advance computer or not. she can compute so many variabels and so many scenarioes in a matter of seconds ,but somehow she's,almost always wrong. So what is it?! after a while it just losing it's crediblity.
Except,that i want to mention Jennifer Aniston Hair...
It's just looked too wierd to me.
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