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This is it - The Finale episode,and the completion of "my mission" - to sit and watch QL from first to last. it took me a few month,but it's happend in the end.
What can i say about this episode - Well after today it was finally clear to me,that it wasn't supposed to be the last episode of the series. But if the decesion to shut down the plug on the show were already been determined ...why leave us hanging with "Sam Beckett never returned home"?!
As an episode this episode had some very good moments,but it, clearly, wasn't as good as most of DPB episodes ,that, he wrote for the show(Except LHO). To be honest it wasn't one of his best.The main reason is that he didn't really answered none of the question that came up during the 5 seasons of the show. he even raised up more questions after this episode.
To be honest this episode were a bit letdown. it,probably,won't get into my top 20 of QL.

The kids outside of Al's Bar in the begining of the episodes...weren't they 2 of the Boys from the episode "A tale of two sweaties"?!
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