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Originally Posted by QL Fan
Great Episode that left a TON of questions:

Why his birthday?
Why the (assumed) time he was born?
Is Sam dead as the Stoppa character was?
Maybe a combination of the time and day of Sam's birth, plus the line about dead people returning to help the living is a sort of "Butterfly Effect" (2004 movie with Ashton Kutcher)? (I know QL was first. ) But Al Calavicci finds him with help from Gooshie and Ziggy, so is Sam really dead? Continuing down this path, Angelita from "It's a Wonderful Leap" was a returned dead person helping Sam and the father/son team get the badge for the cab company. Does this represent a parallel for Sam's future?
Do Sam and Al ever meet now that Sam changed Al's history?
Was Al the Bartender actually God?
Will Schlitz Beer EVER make a comeback? (nah... just kidding)
But you had to feel for Sam because of the look on his face when he said, "I just wanna go home."
It's on his birthday because GFTW (who we now know is Sam himself) knew that Al (the hologram) would think to look on his birthday. Sam wouldn't have thought that he was supposed to save Al's marriage if Al hadn't found him...

The time he was born? He (usually) can't leap beyond his lifetime. GFTWS wanted to give Al as much time as possible to find him.

Don Bellisario has said that Sam is definitely not dead. It's just a coincidence that he was hired for a job usually taken by dead people. Just a side note, Angelita didn't come to help get the badge, it was so that she could save SAM, because the project made the mistake and he WOULD have ended up dead.

We know that Al was supposed to leap to find Sam, so I assume that if he's successful, they'll meet again.

Al the bartended said explicitly that he's not God.

Hope that answered some of your questions :P
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