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Hello all! I'm new to the forum, though I've known about it for quite a while...

Umm... Now to the topic at hand: Back when Quantum Leap was in syndication & filming took place, Bellisario was dealing with producers & whatnot who wanted to change around various concepts in the show &, slowly but surely, stray away from his original concept for the series. One rule that eventually gave way involved the episode, "The Leap Between The States", whereas Sam leaps to September 20, 1862, going against the string theory, and thereby leaping outside his own lifetime. Add this to having Quantum Leap ripped off the air without Bellisario's utmost & sincere blessing & you end up with a rather beleaguered & perhaps even grudgeful individual. I'm sure Mr. Bellisario would be thrilled to have Quantum Leap back on the air with more episodes, but without a pure & untainted promise from representatives at Universal (or whoever's in charge at this point of the game), we're unlikely to see a continuation anytime soon...

The closest person I can see to compare Bellisario to is George Lucas, though Mr. Lucas has more control over his franchise than Bellisario.

Does this make sense? I dunno... Maybe I'm wrong...
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