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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
OK, I have to say I totally disagree with the idea that Alia is dead. For one thing, that would mean Zoe succeeded in her leap and would have leapt away immediately afterwards
Let's not forget the the Evil Project managed to perfect their leaping and could control when and into whom they go as well as being able to retrieve their leapers. Also remember that there was a 48 hour window for Zoey's leap. She needed to be brought back within that time limit whether she succeeded or not or else be stuck in random leap mode as Sam is.
Their leaping is not based on success because they control it. In the first Evil Leapers episode both Alia and Zoey were retrieved and punished after failing.
It's actually implied to be unclear if even Sam's leaping is based on success. Catch a Falling Star and Leap for Lisa are episodes in which they seem to think it's not.

@MichelleD: Read her "Oh Boy" beginnings in the 'DvD Sets With All The Music' thread, she really is terrific.
I have my own beginning there as well which needs work in itself let alone the entire fanfiction be finished. She's given me a more believable approach to my opening.

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