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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Let's not forget the the Evil Project managed to perfect their leaping and could control when and into whom they go as well as being able to retrieve their leapers. Also remember that there was a 48 hour window for Zoey's leap. She needed to be brought back within that time limit whether she succeeded or not or else be stuck in random leap mode as Sam is.
Their leaping is not based on success because they control it. In the first Evil Leapers episode both Alia and Zoey were retrieved and punished after failing.
It's actually implied to be unclear if even Sam's leaping is based on success. Catch a Falling Star and Leap for Lisa are episodes in which they seem to think it's not.
Sorry but this is also incorrect.

Zoe: Now Thames! Don't forget, I am here on borrowed time.

Thames: You are here until you do what you have been sent here to do...

Zoe: I have a 48 hour window after my first leap to get home. After that, after every leap, the percentage drops!
So even though the Evil Project has more control over the leaping, the leapers still can not leap until the mission has been completed. That's why Zoe was so worried and kept hurrying Thames, she knew that if she didn't complete the mission within the 48 hours she would not be able to leap and so could be lost in time like Alia and Sam were.

Mind you, the condition that the mission needs to be completed does NOT mean that the mission has to be a success. In fact, all three times we see a leaper from their project leap out, it's after they have FAILED - the first time Alia failed to kill Sam, the second time Alia failed to ensure that Sam/Arnold would end up dead, and finally the third time is when Zoe has failed to kill Alia and has been shot by Sam, thereby making it impossible for her to attempt to kill Sam. So you are correct that their leaping isn't based on success, but (and I don't think Diane McBride would appreciate me using her words in this context, but too bad) the important thing is that they try. They are never able to leap until they either succeed or get to a point where there is no possibility of success.

Also, just because "fate worse than death" awaits them if they fail, does not necessarily mean they get leapt back to their project - in fact, it's well known that they CAN'T get Alia back, so how could they torture her there. It must just be that Lothos leaps them to a place and time where they end up tortured...
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