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Originally Posted by samnal View Post
Debra did not write a character who would want to sacrifice Al for her having Sam with her.
When in hysterics one can tend to speak impulsively words or implications that they don't intend. Certainly in her rational mind Donna wouldn't dare allow Al to be killed. She ended up sending Sam on his way didn't she? She barely pursued the argument.

Think about it, she waited more patiently than anyone is expected to for a husband whom has even less of a way back to her than Al did to Beth from Vietnam.
Her prayers are answered and he returns only to once again end up bound for the place which promises no return less than 24 hours later. Wouldn't that upset you?

To be fair Sam as well was selfish in ensuring she married him since he in fact justified the fear of abandonment which tore her from him in the initial timeline.
I'd say it's Donna who is the selfless (or I suppose you could say stupid) spouse to wait so patiently for a husband who roams through time with no memory of her and being quite intament with several other woman but knows that he is fulfilling a special and great purpose by doing do.

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