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When I took Reading in my beginning college years (it was required) we read a novel called Nickel and Dimed. It's the true story of how the author had with undercover pretenses became employed with three different minimum wage jobs at different times and lived solely on their income. The purpose was to prove that life costs more than minimum wage.
(as we were told, some chose not to believe the truth of it and she'd even received life threatening letters for it).

It struck me as quite similar to what Sam does, pretending to be something he is not for a noble cause and when later writing the required essay for the novel I even made a mention of leaping as an analogy since my teacher happened to be a fan.

I was also reminded of Quantum Leap during the airings of the trailers for 2007 film, Source Code in which actor Jake Gyllenhaal was sent back in time where he switched places with another man in the last eight minutes of his life. In which time he needed to find a way to prevent the man's (and his own) death and some kind a bombing. He apparently fails several times and is forced back each time to try again.
The setting of the incident was all the more a reminder as it was aboard a train and I believe the man may have been accompanied by a significant other.
I never actually saw the film (so I could have some of the description wrong) but the resemblance had me interested.

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