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I don't spend much time thinking about which episodes I don't like--I don't think there's a really bad episode in the bunch, because they all have something entertaining. Every single one has great Sam & Al scenes even if the plot is otherwise dull.

But I did think of a few--How the Tess Was Won and Right Hand of God are least favorites. Heart of a Champion was dullsville. I do like Good Morning Peoria though.

I think Trilogy was really well written and suspenseful but... I don't like it much either. It creeps me out. Since the series ended soon after, the storyline about Sammi Jo seems like a dangling loose end. I tend to ignore it even though it is canon.

Probably the episode that I dislike most of all is Revenge of the Evil Leaper. I don't like the evil leapers to begin with, and I think that one is just a mess.
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