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Originally Posted by kiwlinn View Post
I think it's easy to explain why Sam doesn't remember Donna, for a couple of reasons. He didn't remember every key person on the project. In the very beginning, he kept getting Gooshie and Ziggy mixed up, but Al is always talking to Gooshie and telling Sam what Ziggy thinks Sam is there to do, so Sam remembers who they are. Likewise, I don't remember when Tina was first introduced, but Al talks about Tina all the time. The first time Al mentioned Verbeena Beeks, the project psychiatrist (or maybe psychologist, I don't remember), Sam thought Al was talking about some kind of drug! Sam doesn't remember Donna because Al never, ever mentions her.

Yes, he ends up remembering his parents and siblings, but they have always been a part of his life, so things that happen in his leaps trigger memories of them. And, in fact, he remembered Donna when he leapt into the professor in Star Crossed. But our Sam has no memory of being married to her because, in his life experience, he never was. It's a paradox. That's why they weren't supposed to tamper with their own lives. When he made his first leap, he wasn't married. He changed the course of his own life by interacting with Donna in Star Crossed and, when he went home in the Leap Back, somehow his altered life entered his consciousness, but he never lived that life. To me, that's the flaw. He shouldn't have known who Donna was. Well, I guess he might have recognized her, but he shouldn't have known she was his wife. He asked her how he could have ever left her, but she wasn't his wife when he left!

Whatever, it's a sticky situation, but just the fact that Al specifically never mentions Donna is, to me, reason enough to understand why Sam never remembers her. Remembering tidbits about your family is understandable, but most people would want to forget someone who left them at the altar!

(You know, there was a foreshadowing that he was married early on, in the Americanization of Machismo, at the very end when he's about to get married. He's concerned that he's not going to leap out before the "I do's" and he says "Al, I'm sweating here!" Al says something like "Not like you've never been here before." Sam gets a very concerned look and asks "Am I married?" Al quickly says "Just kidding!", but, as he turns from Sam, he rolls his eyes as if to say that he almost blew it. The conversation ends there as the bride enters and the Wedding March begins.)
It happens that I gave pretty much the same explanation in the thread for The Leap Back. This and because Deborah Pratt was unhappy with the episode and preferred Sam in a serious in-leap relationship, hence Abigail.

Originally Posted by blue enigma
I always thought Al was just pulling Sam's leg at the end of 'The Americanization of Machiko'. He is very careful throughout the series about what he does and does not reveal to Sam.
Why then did he get this expression after saying "just kidding" which clearly stated that he'd very nearly slipped? True he's very careful but he's a human being he can make mistakes.

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