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Actually no, the difference is that the new timeline can effect Al because he's there to experience it. Examples: The chairmen of the committee becoming Diane McBride, his walking out of the imagining chamber to find Donna suddenly at the project. Though we don't actually see that last the fact that he didn't know the outcome of Sam's actions straight away suggests that he is effected only after exiting the imaging chamber. Please note the word 'SUGGESTS'; I am well aware that Al could have simply been making a point as well as honoring his promise to Donna. I am working with the message I got from it and I am not alone. Two of the novels (Mirror's Edge and Knights of the Morningstar) explore Al having been heavily effected by leaving the imagining chamber and finding Donna suddenly at the project.
Ashely McConnell while she doesn't use Donna does use the perspective in Random Measures that leaving the imagining chamber is what triggers the effect of a project change on Al.
The difference with Diane McBride is that Al was not in the imagining chamber when the result appeared but right in front of it.

This however is unexplainably contradicted in season 5 when he reveals a memory of a conversation he had with Sammy Jo seconds after the change that put her at the project was made. A memory he somehow had before leaving the imagining chamber and actually experiencing the change.
I am going to ignore this.

I kinda went over this as well in the The Leap Back thread. Sam can barely keep track of the original timeline. His memory is altered with each leap and just as there are some which are always maintained such as Elk Ridge there are also some which are never included such as the specific sciences of the project nor most likely the staff other than the names and their functions which he hears from Al. This is supported by The Leap Back as we see him retrieving his full memories while stuck in the imagining chamber.
Example: "Ziggy the parallel...the parallel hybrid computer that I designed to run project Quantum Leap."
"Oh the computer with the big ego."
"Right and installing that ego was a breakthrough, without it Ziggy would be just another big number cruncher...AL! I'm getting my memory back!"

It's also frequently (and hilariously) pointed out that Sam can't even remember the leaping rules he himself set to ensure the safety of himself and the present/future.
It wasn't until he re-entered the present time that his full memory returned somewhat like Al stepping out of the imagining chamber after a change is made and we don't know that Sam didn't still remember Donna standing him up at the alter.

So true he SHOULD remember both timelines but I don't think he CAN due to his position.

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