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Originally Posted by blue engima
There is an episode where Sam does remember in leap that he lost Tom and got him back. I can't remember which episode it was but he says something along the lines of 'I lost my brother but I got him back'. So that's an example where while leaping he remembers or at least has knowledge of two different timelines, so that's another contradiction.
I forgot about this, but you are right. Rebel Without a Clue, Ernie the kindly diner owner whose waiting for his son's safe return from Korea inquires if Sam (Shane) has ever lost someone.
"Yeah...but I got him back."
It seemed the memory had actually just come to him in that moment as there was a pause between the two answers.

Originally Posted by blue enigma
As the series went on it seemed to me that Sam became less Swiss cheesed in leap though, and by 'Mirror Image' he didn't seem to be Swiss cheesed at all. That's how I perceived it, other people may have seen it differently.
I agree with this. It's something I have noticed as well though it's to a certain extent. As I pointed out before there are still some memories which seemingly by the choice of GFT never resurface. It's somewhat clear that his memories of the project are in fact actually memories of what Al has told him about the project which is very different.

And I know I use this a lot but Mirror's Edge explores that while Sam can remember making a change such as saving Tom, he has no memory of existing in a timeline where Tom came home from Vietnam and if you want to get really complex technically he didn't. Sam himself basically explains that he remembers that Tom had been killed and saving him but has no memory of greeting his safe return, what career he went into, attending each other's weddings, nieces and nephews from him and other such things. Personally though I am unsure how to explain it, I make sense of this.
(Hell I can't help that this novel explores such brilliant concepts XD)

Now in regards to Mirror Image there can be controversy over the explanation of that unusual leap. Personally I like the one Lightning McQueenie came up with that it was in fact in between leaps within his subconscious. This would explain all the familiar faces from previous leaps as well as those with nicknames matching the names of his staff.

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