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Originally Posted by blue enigma View Post
The whole 'he couldn't do his job if he knew about me so you're not to tell him' doesn't work for me for so many reasons it would be another conversation. Also, since Sam still doesn't remember her or even know about her in 'Mirror Image' then it means he chose to never leap home without knowledge of a wife he's abandoned at home. He's therefore made a choice that was not completely informed, which is also a problem for me. And if it's because he's created a paradox by tampering with his own life then he needs to fix that -- because it wasn't only his life that he tampered with. He tampered with hers, too, and it's not like he had her permission.
OH MY GOSH, I am so loving you right now! I don't buy Donna's reasoning one bit, myself. I almost want to say that I think Sam might actually do what he did BETTER if he knew he had a wife waiting for him at home. Almost like a driving force, making him want to make his future better for his family and wanting to do an even better job to put him that much closer to the day that he did leap home. And if he was actually able to control his own leaps by the end of the series, then as we discussed earlier, what's to keep him from going home between each leap to be with his family? There was just so much untapped potential in that show sometimes, it's driven me to fanfiction to right what the writers once put wrong.
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