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Originally Posted by bluedana
You're right, the body count does rise a bit more, but isz's question was "up until this episode" - or at least that's how I read it and answered it.
That what i ment in my question - 'till "Permanent Wave" not during the all show.

Originally Posted by bluedana
After Permanent Wave there's:

Dreams - 1
Unchained - 1
Temptation Eyes - 1
Curse of Ptah Hotep - 1 (not really his fault, but . . .)
Evil Leaper Pt 2 - 1
Yeah i'm with SBF - I think after "Permanent Wave" the only one Sam can be Blamed in killing a person is,only, the shrink in "Dreams".
though in "Blood moon" maybe he can be blamed he cause 2 more deathes.

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