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Originally Posted by bluedana
I did say that I was being consistent with my original list, in that I was counting up people who died because of Sam's leap, not people he intentionally killed (or, for that matter, people who were killed by others, like the murder victims in Temptation Eyes).

In Unchained, the warden falls/gets pushed to his death. In Curse, the bad guy gets left in the chamber that Sam opened. And doesn't the warden/Zoe get shot in Return of the Evil Leaper, part 2? (I may be misremembering that one; it's not one of my faves so I haven't watched it a zillion times.)
I think the confusion with the Evil Leaper count is that most people consider the prison episode to be Evil Leaper 3, not 2, since it is the third encounter with them.

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