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Justice is an extremely, extremely powerful episode of Quantum Leap. One of the best episodes of season four, Justice sees Sam leap into a (somewhat reluctant) member of the Klu Klux Klan.

Quantum Leap has quite a few episodes that tackles the tricky subject of racism, but few do it better than Justice, in my opinion. The only superior episode to this that deals with the same theme, would be season one's The Colour of Truth. Here, though, the stakes feel much higher. Everything is just so vicious from the get go. That opening scene after the credits still makes me feel uneasy. To see Sam so choked by his robes that he literally throws them away from him. If not for Al, I'm not sure he would have held it together there.

What really makes this episode is the characters. Nathaniel is a good, strong character, with a real sense of purpose to him. Ada is a very likeable character, just trying her best to do her job amongst such rampant racism and bigotry... Another rather odd character, who I did enjoy seeing on screen, is Gene, the father-in-law of Sam's host, and leader of the Klan. Unlike the rest of the goons on show here, Gene still seems to have a spark of humanity underneath his bigoted ways. Of course, trying to kill kids in a church does suggest otherwise, but the naive fool in me likes to believe that every soul can be saved. It's clear that on some level, Sam did reach him in the end. Al doesn't reveal his fate, but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't renounce his racist ways. But at least we got to see a spark, just a spark of compassion in him.

Best scene? Al getting the kids out of the church. Very, very funny. Al being mistaken for Abraham Lincoln was probably the exact funniest moment. The look on Al's face just after that is priceless.

My rating. Excellent. A powerful, hard hitting episode.
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