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Actually, I'm not sure Don was unhappy with the script. Here's words directly from Trey's mouth:

Indeed, my biggest goal in writing it (the script) was to preserve the humor and the heart of the original series - while trying to kick things up a notch for a two hour relaunch. I'm still proud of it - and I know Sci Fi was very happy with the script. In fact, they were telling me to clear my calendar for an Australian shoot within a few days of delivering it. But Mr. Bellisario - who told me himself how pleased he was after reading it - then unexpectedly put a lid on any further development of the project shortly thereafter. Honestly, I still have profound respect for the man - and frankly, would've kissed his ring over Magnum P.I. alone, not to mention Quantum Leap - but candidly, I'm still a bit confused by the whole thing. Of course, Hollywood is legendary for its confusion.
Where did you hear that Don was working on his own script?

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