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Default QL TV Movie--It *is* in the works! (Well... it was.)

There's a guy who does movie reviews, and he went to Cinevegas 2004, where Dean Stockwell was in attendance. On his website, this reviewer has written reviews of the movies he saw at Cinevegas:

Well, in his report on "The Boy With Green Hair", the person writes the following:

Following the film, Stockwell and Hopper engaged in a candid and most intimate Q & A in which they talked about everything from The Boy With Green Hair to their appearing together in David Lynch's brilliant Blue Velvet. They were both humble and clearly in love with their craft.

Stockwell even spoke about Quantum Leap which was met with a huge round of applause. He said that when he took on the role of Al in the cult hit TV series, Hopper joked that it would be the end of his career. And here's an interesting scoop. Stockwell said that a new Quantum Leap TV movie is being developed and would feature Sam Beckett's daughter as a new leaper. Stockwell said he too would be involved and hoped to get rolling on the movie sometime next year. I guess nothing is official, but there's a strong chance it is going to happen.

Well, at least we know for sure now that Dean's planning to be involved in the movie, just as we'd been hearing about!

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