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Quantum Retribution is the flip side of the Quantum Leap coin. Sam being the good guy, Lothos being the bad.

The summation of Quantum Retribution can be found on the website at It basically says the same as this:

To a precious few it was a paradise, a haven from the hectic pace of the real world. To others it was a nightmare.

Nothing on this quiant island is as it seems. Beneath the tranquil lull of the ocean and the beautiful gardens, Dr. Nathaniel Lothoman carved out a project based on Dr. Sam Beckett's theories on Time Travel. Hungry for the power to reform history to his own liking, Dr. Lothoman integrated himself into his project and became Lothos.

As his staff work to his ultimate goal, their lives are held in the balance. Still vigilant to be who they are in a complex where danger lurks around every corner, their secrets lie buried and passions rest dormant.

But for how long?

The first episode of Quantum Retribution actually came from one of The Virtual Seasons episodes in which AJ Burfield and myself wrote the episode. We wanted to start to see what the Evil Leaper project was like, how it was formed, etc.

It was later that we (Eleiece and I) began roleplaying about people in the evil leaper complex. And when we had over... let's see... about 400-500 pages on people there and the goings on, the hell that we put these characters through, we decided to make Quantum Retribution.

I have to admit something here... if it wasn't for Quantum Retribution, I'm sure that Eleiece and I would be in jail already. But then again, Kat would be right there along side us saying how much fun it all was. LOL This whole storyline is a great way to take out our aggressions on the world. I'm sure that Eleiece would agree.

Right E?

But that's what this is all about Julie. Take a look at the site, (the link above) and read a little of what we've been talking about. You'll see what I'm talking about.

Thanks for asking! I'm sure that some others were wondering.

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